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The B.O.O.S.T Model

Build | Operate | Optimize | Scale-up | Transfer

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Who We Are

Don't want to come off as arrogant, however, we are unlike those famed consultants who graduates in fantastic PowerPoint presentations and does not hesitate to advise or pick out flaws in your 20-year-old successful business even though the famed consultant has never set or operated a successful business on his own.

We at HUP are a bunch of exciting people who have established and ran successful businesses, products, and services across the globe in their own individual capacity. To tell you a secret, some of them still do.

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What We Do

As our name suggests, we help to launch, scale up, reinvent, and reengineer your company, brand, product, or service. If you have an amazing idea, bounce it off to us to evaluate and turn it into a business. If you already have an operational business connect to us and take it to the next level. You are doing well and now looking for partners to expand, we connect you to the right ones.
Just to add, we also operate in multiple geographies as sourcing and procurement consultants to assist you in becoming more cost-effective with your spending, finding new suppliers, negotiating contracts and more. In short, always land a good deal from across the world, be it Sugar or Software.
We are strictly against discrimination, we work with everyone, small or big, black or white it should just excite.

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How We Do It

We are pretty new in this, completed half of a decade a while back, and managed to work with some very exciting companies, made some money also. We have with limited experience have devised our own model to help you which we believe should be patented soon and that’s called the BOOST model.

Build | Operate | Optimize | Scale-up | Transfer

Proof in the Pudding

We have worked with some very famous, about to be famous and never gonna be famous companies, we welcome you to ask us for references





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Simplify Career

Contact Us

We still pick up phone calls the old fashioned way, though there are many ways to connect with us. Call us, and let’s talk about your business and how we can help you BOOST.

+971 50 8661264 / +91 7004543148

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